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5 Reasons to wear a Lion Head Ring

You don't have to have patterns to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry. However, thinking about it 🤔, there are many reasons, conscious or not, that lead us to choose this jewel rather than another. The Lion Ring is precisely one of those jewels that we think we choose instinctively simply because they are beautiful when in fact they are not. The choice of this Ring  is based on much deeper reasons, even if we don't necessarily realize it.

Wearing a Lion Ring or a Lion Head 🦁 is not an insignificant choice.

This is not a pattern like any other. We have something in us, a more or less secret reason, which pushes us to choose such a strong piece. It is a Leo; it is the animal King 👑, noble and powerful that can be found even in the signs of the zodiac.

We are not always aware of this and we could cite dozens, if not hundreds of reasons, each more relevant than the last. But we will settle for  five main reasons but it is obvious that all reasons can be classified in one of these five categories.

1) The Lion's Head Ring: Class and Style

5 reasons to wear head lion ring

The jewel is the signature ⚜️ of the wearer. It completes an outfit, personalizes and puts the spotlight on the whole person because of the originality of the nobility of this Ring. It should never be forgotten that in the past, this type of ring served as a seal for the nobility and allowed them to authenticate their missives. Today, this jewel has lost none of its nobility even if it is no longer reserved for the elite. Indeed, the Lion Ring has not lost this noble aspect, whatever its material. As it features the effigy of the King of the Savannah, this jewel simply becomes a must-have 🤩.

She marries a pair of jeans or leather pants even if she doesn't disdain a suit. The only rule is to harmonize it with its outfit.

When this Ring is worn with a casual outfit, you can wear it on any finger. You can even wear it on your middle finger if you wish, it will of course give a rebellious 🤘 and rock to your jewelry. On the other hand, if you opt for a more sophisticated outfit, it will be enhanced by wearing this jewel on the ring finger of the left hand or, at the very least, on the right hand. In fact, in the nobility of the past, the eldest, so the heir wore his jewelry on the ring finger of his left hand, the younger ones and the women, on the little finger. A Lion Knight worn by following one of these rules will guarantee you a sophisticated port.

But no matter what the situation and no matter how the 🦁 jewelry is worn, it will always be stylish. It is the very example of the accessory that is always in its place, in any circumstance.

Anyway, you will quickly realize 😅 that you are wearing almost nothing but your beautiful Lion Ring on your finger.

Lion Rings

2) The Lion Ring: The Trendy Jewelry

This is probably the first reason to wear such a Ring. It is a piece of jewellery that is currently ultra trendy and wearing it will in fact put in the trendy category. This jewel is currently a must have. It is not only for men, many women are also seduced 👩 by this accessory.


The biggest fashion and jewellery houses have this jewel  in their collections. It is available in a variety of styles and materials. No parade has been held this season without a Ring adorned with a Lion's Head. Whether it is sober and pure or chiseled and set with precious stones 💎, this accessory is indispensable.

In fact, many stars  wear knights representing Lions, as do some fictional characters. Johnny Deep very often wears Lion Head Rings, usually in blackened metal. Rapper Seth Gecko wears a Gold Lion Ring 🦁. You can also find this emblematic Ring in Game Of Trones, on the finger of Lord Tyrion Lannister and the list is far from being exhaustive…

For men or women, regardless of age.

This jewel is extremely trendy, whether for man or woman. Of course your Lionhead Ring will be thinner and probably more sophisticated if you are a Woman.

Anyway, this ring on your finger will be your fashion signature. It will testify to your taste and your ability to be in the air.

3) Meaning of a Lion's Head Ring

wild lion

The Lion 🦁 carries very strong symbols that will inevitably reflect on the person who wears it. It has always been a much appreciated and respected symbol.

Whether in Asian or African culture, the Lion is considered the personification of strength, wisdom and authority. In fact, the Chinese consider him a protector. But the Lion is also known for its bravery and courage. Don't they say Strong as a Lion ?

Many Kings 👑 and Emperors have incorporated this majestic animal into their coats of arms.

Ultimately, this jewelry underlines the personality of the wearer: better, it will amplify it.

We are dealing with the King of the Animals : a noble and strong feline with a flamboyant mane and a powerful voice that resonates beyond its territory. Its only roar makes the Savannah tremble.

Whoever wears such a Ring  will spread the same message of power and respect, strength and wisdom. 🙏

An image that is not necessarily masculine


Even if we tend to associate Lion and man, this symbol is quite likely to be worn by a Woman. The Lioness is also a magnificent symbol combining feline grace and courage. It conveys strength, perseverance, but also motherhood and courage.

Lion Ring Imperial Sovereignty

4) Wearing a Lionhead Knight : The Power of Attraction

Lion ring

A hand adorned with a Lion's Head will attract attention. During a discussion, gestures accompany the words. When the gestures are underlined by a jewel representing a big fawn 🦁, they will be amplified. As a result, the words they accompany will become more important. You'll be listened to more, people will pay more attention to your arguments. They will be captivated by the whole that your words and hands will form. This way, your speech will be listened to more and above all heard. You will be more convincing  thanks to the image your jewelry gives you.

A jewel 💍 of this type will also arouse people's curiosity. It will allow you to link  more easily with an acquaintance. A Lion's Head  will give something to talk about. This kind of jewelry attracts questions and fuels conversation. People want to know where the jewel comes from, if it has a story and why a Lion was chosen.

In fact, it's highly unlikely that a person would be unaware of this type of jewelry. The King of the Animals worn in finery leaves no one indifferent. Everyone wants to get to know the person who dares to wear such a strong and noble symbol ⚜️.

Everyone wants to get to know or even be friends with this kind of person. Success is assured. YOUR success is assured !

And not just for Men

And it's not just for men, the women who wear this symbol on their finger are also in much greater demand. Every man 🤟🏼 will want to know who this Woman is who dares to exhibit such a strong, feline adornment and no one will want to miss the opportunity to get to know her 🤝.

5) Your Lion's Head Ring: Because it's just you !

Your lion ring

That's almost the reason we should have put it first... But that would have been nonsense since to know that your Lion Ring looks like you, you must first know it and its symbolism.

In fact, the Knight with a Lion's Head 🦁 exists in many versions. Chiseled, stylized or completely uncluttered and many models are available on the market.

This Jewel 💍 can be in metal, just as it can be in Gold or even in Platinum. All versions exist and prices range from a few euros to tens of thousands of euros, depending on the material used, the possible inlaid gemstones or the name of the creator of the coin.

Whatever your budget, you will find the Jewel that looks like you, the one that will make you unique because you will have found the Lion Ring that will best express YOUR personality.

Moreover, depending on how you choose your Lion Head Ring, but also on how you wear your Knight, it will allow you to convey a unique message 💫. Your jewel will thus be the ambassador of an exceptional personality: yours, and it is also an excellent reason to wear a Lion Head Ring 🦁. This may even be the best reason to wear this jewel!

A personalized port

Two lion rings

Wearing a Knight of the Animal King is itself a strong symbol and the way you wear it reinforces the message.

If you want a classic and discreet look, wearing a ring finger or pinkie will do the trick. You can also encourage a more rocking way to wear your Lion Ring by wearing it on your middle finger 🖕, which is the finger of provocation and insolence.

But you can also wear your Lion Head Ring  in a leader's way. On the index finger ; on the finger that points the direction to others.

Finally, you can wear your Lion Head Ring on your thumb; it's a more than original way to wear a ring. On the other hand, it should be remembered that the thumb ring can be a source of misunderstanding especially in some countries.

Indeed, if in the 1980s a Ring worn on the thumb signified support for the feminist cause, today a Ring worn in the same way, whether on the right or left hand, generally indicates one's membership in the gay community 🏳️🌈. It is therefore advisable to be careful on how to wear your Ring in countries where the LGTB community is penalized or even criminalized.

So here are the main reasons to wear this superb piece, but it is obvious that the women and men of taste that are the readers 📖 of this blog knew instinctively why it was absolutely necessary to wear this splendid Lion jewel!

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